Best Eyebrow Feathering in Melbourne. The Eyebrow tattoo that thickens your brow

Here is our List of the Best Microblading and eyebrow feathering companies.

1, Brows by Arli Jade

So you want to make your eyebrows grow?

You’re not alone.  Many women experience thinning eyebrows due to aging, alopecia, chemotherapy, a nutritional deficiency, or even a thyroid problem.  But don’t worry, there is hope!
Eyebrow regrowth is actually an easy task to accomplish and we’re going to show you how to do it:
Step 1)  Do your homework and research hair growth products.  You basically have two options, the Minoxidil-type products (like Rogaine) and non-Minoxidil products.  Eyebrow regrowth will occur with either type of product, but the Minoxidil based products will more reliably make eyebrows grow and definitely a little faster.  Check the precautions for any product you buy, but also keep in mind, especially with Rogaine, that the precautions are based on using this on your entire head, not just a little eyebrow area.

Also, Rogaine does not recommend using their product on eyebrows, but I, and many others, have used it and it worked great. Be sure to get the men’s version.  The women’s formula is only 3%, the men’s 5% solution will make eyebrows grow more effectively.

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Step2) Read the instructions and apply carefully.  Remember, you’re not doing your whole head and most applications can be done with a cotton swab or small brush.
Step 3) Don’t skip treatments.  Sure, you’ll miss an application or two, it’s bound to happen.  But if you want to make your eyebrows grow back quickly, you should be mindful not to skip treatments.  Try to do it in the mornings, after you wash your face, and before you put your makeup on.  The second treatment should be done before bedtime.
Step 4) Hide your thinning eyebrows in the meantime.  There are so many methods to gain the appearance of thicker eyebrows.  There’s makeup, tinted fillers, dyes, and you can even get your eyebrows Microbladed by Eyebrow Feathering Melbourne.